Frequently Asked Questions about online pharmacy

  • Is it possible to change a delivery order?

    It is always possible to change the order before the item being shipped out from our warehouse. If you can make the change before the order is shipped, it is as simple as changing what is contained in the parcel and take more or less money depending on the difference between the article that you want to replace, and the original article.

    If the article has already been shipped, you can cancel the order and return the item to our warehouse. You will receive a full refund (less shipping costs) so you can make a new order with the article proper.

    If you have already received the item you ordered incorrectly, we have the right to cancel your order and give you the option to return the item for a full refund, so you can order the article proper. Just remember that we do not accept refunds on items that have been opened.

  • I don't have my pills?!

    If the product is not yet arrived at your home, we recommend that you check the serial number that was sent to you at the time of the order. Here you can see exactly where you are our partners, suppliers, and when it will come in the delivery. If there is an error in the tracking, so you can’t see where is your package, you can contact customer service.

  • How do I know if you have a product in stock?

    If we do not have the product in stock, it will say “not in stock” where you can choose how many units of the product you want. If an item you do not want in stock, and does not say how long it takes to come back in stock, you can talk with our customer service team can investigate for you.

  • What payment methods can I use to pay for my products?

    We currently accept Visa and MasterCard. These are the most common payment methods on the Internet today, then it is important that the online pharmacies (like us) to include the forms of payment the most common. You pay by pressing the “pay now” after you have added the product.